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Mod_rewrite trouble after web host’s security upgrade

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Subject: Mod_rewrite trouble after web host’s security upgradeQuote this post in your reply
We run Atutor 2.2.2 with all patches per ca 10th of july 2017. We use the default theme. Our ATutor is installed via cPanel’s Softacuolus solution (a popular autoinstall solution). The system runs MySQL 5.6.35 and PHP 5.6.3. Apache 2.X - probably verison 2.4.x..

Our problem:

(1) Our Web host on the 3rd of June 2017 upgraded their security policy and made, in that connection, some changes that they have not detailed to us. But these changes affects the way mod_rewrite is permitted to work.

(2) We, however, did not try to use the Manage tool before 3rd of July 2017. And when we tried, we discovered that the Manage tool simply did not work. In fact, when clicking on the Manage link, all that happened was that the user was taken to an empty white web page. (I am not sure one was taken - however, all the user would see was a blank page in the browser.)

(3) I did not find opportunity to work out the problem until yesterday, the 16th of July. But then I discovered that Manage became available again provided that I did the following changes in ATutor’s system settings:

(A) Disabled mod_rewrite
(B) Disabled pretty URLs
(C) Disabled the "named folder" feature (I am not certain, right now,if that is the name of that feature - but in the Atutor system preferences, the "named folder "option sits right between "mod_rewrite" and "pretty URLs".

Disabling A, B and C, the Manage function started to work again.

I am interested in getting the pretty URL functionality to work again. But my web host told me to get in contact with you, the Atutor developers, in order to understand the problem and find a solution. And what I have said so far is basically all i know. Hope it help.
Posted: 2017-07-17 08:52:45
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