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Subject: Renmaing module tabQuote this post in your reply
If you are asking for help, provide lots of detail so problems can be reproduced.

Things to describe:
Operating system ATutor is installed on - Win. 7
ATutor version - 2.0.2
Patch #s applied - None
ATutor theme name - default
PHP version - 5.2.9
MySQL version - 5.1.34
Webserver & version - WAMP
Copies of error messages - None
Changes to default settings - None
Web browser being used - Google Chrome
...and anything else relevant -

ATutor has one model module "Hello World", I am playing with it. The default code has tab name "Hello World". When I tried to change name in module.php file, which appears in tab when user logs in, from "Hello World" to "OpenLearn", it appears as "[OpenLearn]". What is wrong with it?
Posted: 2011-05-25 10:46:26

Avatar for harris
Subject: Re: Renmaing module tabQuote this post in your reply
Anything within "[]" means it is missing language.
Posted: 2011-05-25 11:15:42
Subject: Re: Renmaing module tabQuote this post in your reply
I tried the module.php given on: but still it shows "[example_marker]" as tab title. How to remove it?
Posted: 2011-05-26 05:14:35

Avatar for greg
Subject: Re: Renmaing module tabQuote this post in your reply
You need to create the language for the "example_maker" language token. Of course you will want to change that token to something more appropriate for your module (e.g. ol_search_open_learn).

For now you can just add another template language token to the language_text table. See the other template language in that table for examples. Ultimately you will need to add the language to the module.sql file, so when the module is installed, the language gets added automatically to the language_text table.

All of the language you add to your module will need to be replace by language tokens, and added to the module.sql file. You should prefix the language tokens with something like "ol_" so it is easy to identify the modules language in the language_text table once installed, and so language for the module does not conflict with existing ATutor language.
Posted: 2011-05-26 08:59:04
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