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Manage Multisite - Problem

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Subject: Manage Multisite - ProblemQuote this post in your reply
Operating system ATutor is installed on - Linux
ATutor version - 2.1.1
Patch #s applied - All 7 suggested immediately after installation
ATutor theme name - Default
PHP version - 5.2.11
MySQL version - 5.3.33
Changes to default settings - None
Web browser being used - Firefox, Chrome

1. I installed ATutor.
2. Enabled the extention titled "Manage Multisites".
3. Ran the initial settings option to create the database and populate the configuration file.
4. I clicked the first tab to create a new subsite.

Instead of the root file, what appears after the box for the name of the subsite is simply the extention; so, instead of, I get

ATutor is installed directly in the root directory (home/my_site/public_html/).

Any ideas?
Posted: 2014-05-18 14:47:36
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