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Tips for setting up Payment Module for PayPal

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Subject: Tips for setting up Payment Module for PayPalQuote this post in your reply
The following applies (at least) to Payment Module v. 1.4

1. A clarification for the setup advice in the Payment Module readme file:

For PayPa the readme says says "leave the password field empty" (referring to the field labelled: "Password assigned by credit card payment service").

Later, under "PayPal IPN Setup" the readme says "The URL should also include the password you entered when setting up the module Settings in ATutor." and gives an example IPN url:

So, if you really left the password field blank in the first setup step, then the example url should really be:

2. If you have set up Sandbox merchant and personal accounts with PayPal ( to test the ATutor Payment Module, please note the following:

After successfully linking to your PayPal Sandbox personal account and paying the course fee, when you are returned to the ATutor Payment module you may see the following error message:
"The following errors occurred:
The payment was cancelled or failed."
However, the Payment Module also indicates that the payment has actually been received and registration occurs.

My recent experience indicates that the error message from ATutor is spurious because when you use the equivalent settings in a production environment the same procedure works with no ATutor error message issued.
Posted: 2014-12-15 15:21:42
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