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Enhance hyperlink creation in the forums

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Subject: Enhance hyperlink creation in the forumsQuote this post in your reply
It was brought to our attention a few days ago that the forums in an ATutor course will automatically create a hyperlink out of a 'http://' link but not a 'https://' link. I searched around and couldn't find a solution anywhere on the ATutor website. Today our programmer, William Rex went into the code and added the feature for our customer. I will paste what we did below and hopefully this can be added to future releases.

function: make_clickable

$ret = eregi_replace("([[:space:]])http://([^[:space:]<]*)([[:alnum:]#?/&=])", "\\1<a href=\"http://\\2\\3\">\\2\\3</a>", $text);

$ret = eregi_replace("([[:space:]])(http[s]?)://([^[:space:]<]*)([[:alnum:]#?/&=])", "\\1<a href=\"\\2://\\3\\4\">\\2://\\3\\4</a>", $text);

Matt Boughton
Aptus Hosting
Posted: 2007-04-14 17:52:13
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