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Assume several lessons covering individual concepts. Let's call them A, B and C. Each of these has a bank of questions. Each bank has about 100 questions.

Currently, if you create a new lesson D that incorporates concepts that are covered in A, B and C, the only way to draw questions from those existing banks is to export them and then import them to lesson D. This is cumbersome, and duplicates data already existing in the database.

In addition, if in the future you expand the pool of questions in A, B or C, you would have to fiddle with exporting and importing again.

I think it would be great to allows sharing question banks among lessons - this would simplify content creation and allow one-stop question management.

Thanks for any consideration of this request.
Posted: 2013-03-06 23:12:09

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Subject: Re: Shared Question PoolQuote this post in your reply
Thanks for the suggestion. It's been added to the tracker:
Posted: 2013-03-07 15:09:18
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