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Subject: ATutor 2 Beta 2 problemsQuote this post in your reply
1> SuperAdmin cannot create admins with anything less than SuperAdmin privileges. Without SuperAdmin, any other admins cannot log-on. Trying gets you back to index with a templated 404 message (handled by ATutor).

2> Instructors are unable to edit course information (ie banner etc) once the course is created. This has to be done by Admin.

3> Admin cannot get WYSIWYG editor access when trying to edit a course. Clicking the button above the edit textbox (to switch) takes you back to the course list.

This is a clean install on a dedicated server with the latest PHP 5, MySQL, CentOS, and CPanel.

4> The admin/index is calling home (updates) every page load even though there is no updates. It's not checking the preferences. This is I'm sure a temporary measure in the beta but I commented it out for now.

5> Anonymous courses cannot be created. in include/html/ on line 90 SQL $_SESSION[member_id] is undefined for anonymous users so the test to add the enroll link fails because the SQL result is invalid.

I've patched most of the errors I have found but I'm not working off the latest builds and I don't know where the dev stands so I didn't bother submitting patches.

I did create backups of all files I changed so I guess I could create diffs!

My biggest concerns are #2 and #3 because I can't edit the course information after it's been created so I have to create a new course every time I want to try something.

- Kent
Posted: 2010-06-22 11:40:52

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Subject: Re: ATutor 2 Beta 2 problemsQuote this post in your reply
Thanks for the testing.

1, 3, 5 have been fixed and will be available in the next beta release. 4 is not an issue.

2 - I cannot re-produce. Can you describe the steps to produce this problem? Thanks.
Posted: 2010-06-23 13:14:22
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