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I am new in ATutor and I have a question When I create Test/survey and then Export the test But I can't import it in particular folder and I have an error.

Import failed. Does not appear to be a valid content package or common cartridge: [ schema_error ]

So, How can I resolve this.

Posted: 2016-08-08 08:16:24

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If you want to export just tests or questions, use the Export button in the test manager Manage>Tests & Surveys and Manage>Tests & Surveys>Question Bank. These create IMS QTI 1.2.1 test and question packages. You can import these same packages into ATutor using the Import button nearby the Export buttons.

Or, you can associate a test with content and export the content and test (and possibly a forum) together as a common cartridge.

To asssociate a test with content
Manage>Content>Edit Content>Tests & Surveys

To Export (and Import )combined content and test as a common cartridge
Manage>Content>Import Export
Posted: 2016-08-10 16:59:50
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