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Subject: No such course ID found.Quote this post in your reply
operating system - Fedora 5
version of ATutor - 1.6.5
versions of php - Forgot (Fedora 5 build-in)
version of mysq l - Forgot (Fedora 5 build-in)
webserver & version - Forgot (Fedora 5 build-in)
copies of error messages - NA
changes to default settings - session.auto_start
web browser being used - NA

I installed ATutor few days ago ( It is success )
Within these few days, I keep on configure my Fedora
Today, I found that it is not possible to login ATutor anymore.
I don't understant, because I haven't make any changes about ATutor
After few hours uninstall/reinstall/modify code
I found that the problem is cause by I changed PHP configure "session.auto_start"
In other words, To run ATutor, PHP configure MUST "session.auto_start = 0"

I write this thread is to share my finding
and suggest a little update of installation guide
Posted: 2006-10-20 04:52:53
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